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Four Seasons River Night Planning & Conceptual Design

Planning & Conceptual Design

The best projects are created by spending the necessary amount of time in the Concept & Planning design phase. This step cannot be skipped or rushed. During this phase we also provide critical estimates for water loss & usage, heat, power & waste requirements and more.

Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering

Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering

Clean and safe water is the end goal of Aquatic Engineering. Proper water treatment happens through correctly applied engineering principles for filtration, circulation, oxidation, and sanitation. We use state-of-the-art technologies, industry best practices, and customized solutions to ensure crystal clear water in every project.

Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling

Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling

Water is a dynamic and complicated force to be reckoned with. Our team of experts save clients time and money through modeling analysis to predict how water will behave, which allows us to design an efficient system that works as intended.

Aquatic Life Support Design Aquatic Life Support Design

Aquatic Life Support Design

Designing an environment where the world’s most exotic creatures can thrive is a tall order, but our uniquely qualified team is always up to the task. Our engineers competently design everything from open to closed systems with freshwater or saltwater. Intimate knowledge of various system types ensures that every dolphin, hippo, fish, penguin, and flamingo is happy and healthy.

Structural Engineering Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

The success of an aquatic project is rooted in the vessel’s ability to retain water throughout its serviceable life. We apply sound structural engineering practices to ensure a watertight vessel that will maintain its integrity over time. When needed we can also engineer and design retaining walls, bridges, vaults, and buildings.

Power & Controls Power Distribution & Controls

Power Distribution & Controls

A well-engineered aquatic filtration system is not complete without designs for the electrical power distribution and controls systems. Our staff can provide a simple controls package to a fully automated SCADA control system. In working with the client, we can provide a system that helps the operations staff efficiently maintain the aquatic feature.


Areas of Expertise

  Waterparks, Lazy Rivers & Rapid Rivers

Waterparks & Theme Parks

Many of the worlds most outstanding aquatic venues start with a napkin sketch of “I wonder if we could…”. We’re passionate about producing “world’s first” and “award-winning” aquatic experiences across the globe. Our seasoned engineers tapped into that passion to create the world’s first downhill rapids at some of the world’s most sought-after pieces of paradise: the Atlantis Resort’s Aquaventure Waterparks.

  Pools & Spas

Resorts & Hospitality

Has there ever been a resort hotel brochure or add that doesn’t feature the pool in the foreground? We rely on our experienced and talented architectural partners to produce brilliant backgrounds for some of our most outstanding work – and they rely on us to get the pool just the way they envision it.

  Surf Parks, Whitewater Courses & Wake lakes

Surf Parks, Whitewater Courses & Wake lakes

Surf parks have the ability to bring the sport to any location, making it more accessible to a wider audience. Modern surf technology can produce the perfect wave several times per minute, consistently producing waves in the same location each time. Starting with its work on Sun City in 1987, Cloward H2O has been involved in several in-land surf projects, both modern and classic, helping bring this emerging space to life.

  Aquariums & Marine Parks

Aquariums & Marine Parks

Our talented team of engineers pushed themselves past simply creating clean water to master the specialized science of designing clean water systems that keep even the most fragile aquatic life healthy and comfortable. We’ve executed this delicate balance with millions of gallons in aquariums throughout the world.

  Lagoons, Rivers and Waterfalls

Lagoons, Rivers and Waterfalls

Developing a water quality management program is crucial for projects involving very large lagoons. Establishing performance characteristics and operational standards ensures safety, aesthetic appeal, and sustainable operation from the project’s outset. The water quality management system for very large lagoons encompasses four essential components working synergistically for consistent clarity and microbial control: Circulation, Filtration, Sanitation/Oxidation & Temperature Controls. Cloward H2O applies all of these various aspects to these waterscapes creating the best management program for every unique feature.

  Fountains, Splash Pads  and Specialty Features

Fountains, Spray Play & Specialty Features

We’ve done everything from sculptural and ornamental fountains to intricate and interactive splash pads. Cloward H20 carefully engineers each feature to produce safe and clear water year after year, without the hassle of unnecessary maintenance.


Other Unique & Iconic Aquatics

With extensive expertise in “ALL THINGS WATER” our engineers frequently apply the engineering principals learned in one sector to solve a unique challenge in another. This gives us a strength and depth of experience unrivaled in our industry. Want the worlds deepest dive pool at 60 meters (200 ft) deep? No problem, A 20 million gallon surf lagoon? OK. Bring it on! What will your challenge be?

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Bringing us in at the ground floor of your project will help us take even the most out-of-the-box concepts and bring them to life. We’ll work with you to explore constraints and brainstorm creative solutions, saving you time, money and the headache of complications down the road.




We provide each client with a dedicated team of engineers, project managers and skilled craftsman to make sure your project is finished on time and within your budget. Plus, our comprehensive Construction Documentation Package keeps things simple. A detailed layout of every feature and component paves the way for competitive bidding and permits, and 3D modeling ensures a higher level of accuracy for fewer changes during construction.

Construction Support



We go to bat for our clients throughout the entire construction process. We know the ropes, and provide sourcing, bidding and permitting assistance alongside construction site visits and supervision to help our clients avoid costly errors.

Mechanical Room



We’re invested in clients’ projects from the first inquiry and through to opening day. Services like On-Site Startup Assistance, Feature-Specific Startup, Aquatic Life Support System Startup and Operations & Maintenance Training make each project unveiling a success and keep things running smoothly for the long haul.

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