Waters Edge Splashpad

This interactive water feature is a great addition to the growing city of Vineyard. Its 14,000 sq. ft. area features two sections. The first for younger children with nozzles, toys, and a shallow stream in the center for the children to play in. The second area is larger and tailored for bigger kids, with tipping buckets, water cannons, a short gang slide and interactive features. Cloward H2O designed the splash pad with families in mind. The younger splash area sits in a depressed basin with two steps down to allow parents to comfortably sit and get their feet wet whilst watching their children play.


Vineyard, Utah


City of Vineyard


The aquatics system of this park use sand filtration and chlorination to filter and recirculate the water reducing waste. Ozone is also used for secondary disinfection to also reduce the use of chemicals by as much as 40%