Fremont Aqua Adventure

Fremont City’s Aqua Adventure, is a water park amenity located in the beautiful Lake Elizabeth Park. Families enjoy having a place to play and cool off together in the summer. The park is a great place for kids and adults alike. Guests can float in the Roundabout River, climb through the Bucket Bay water play structure, ride the slides on the Candle Lighters Fortress of Fun, romp in the Lil’ Squirts play deck, or work out in the Oasis Lap Pool. Picnic pavilions, Birthday huts, the Sun Shop retail store and Cooking grills are also available to the guests completing the experience.


Fremont, California


City of Fremont


Cloward H2Oprovided engineering, water quality and treatment, mechanical and structural specifications and designs as well as aided in the start up of the water park.