Fareground at 111 Congress

In a city that faces water restrictions regularly, the owners of the 111 Congress Plaza in Austin, TX were looking for an innovative way to incorporate an area-cooling water feature that would be active, even during a drought. This unique method of water recycling yields more water during hot summer months when demand is high, than during the winter. Harvested condensate is collected, treated, stored, and then pumped through a high-pressure misting system that creates a stunning, cooling cloud effect in the recessed plaza.


Austin, Texas


111 Congress


Working together, Cloward H2O and DWG Landscape Architects came up with a beautiful and sustainable solution, a “cloudscape” feature supplied with water from the building’s own air conditioning condensate, which normally goes straight to waste. Using this source, which, when collected, totals to more than 280,000 gallons annually, no city water would be needed.