Wayne Bartholomew Park

Wayne Bartholomew Park was selected to become a habitat capable of helping native fish species such as the June Sucker. Restoration of the June Sucker species was a key factor Cloward H2O’s engineers had to design for, this included meanders and structures that would benefit the species. Two other uses in which the park is intended for is a water storage facility and a recreation destination. After the native June Sucker implications and requirements were met Springville City wanted to also create an environment in which nearby residents can enjoy the pond. Bartholomew pond is three plus acres and includes a walking and bike path, pavilions and grills, a beach, changing rooms as well as restrooms and a concession stand. Residents of Springville and nearby cities come to enjoy a cool swim on a hot summer day.


Springville, Utah


City of Springville


Our engineers tackled various project phases, carefully designing and engineering every aquatic support system, we plowed through the design stages and went on to oversee the on-site construction and commissioning for each system. The key was to make the park look and feel like a natural lake but be safe and clean for residents to enjoy.